Top 5 Benefits of using Hand Sanitizer

Top 5 Benefits of using Hand Sanitizer

Top 5 Benefits of using Hand Sanitizer

Top 5 Benefits of using Hand Sanitizer

Mediwn Pharmatech is one of the leading companies in central Indiainvolved in manufacturing and supplying SanitilliumTM Hand sanitizersand other disinfection products.So, what’s a Hand Sanitizer? Hand sanitizer is normally a gel orliquid which is used to decrease the effects of bacteria or viruses thatcome in contact through hands. There are different types of sanitizersnow available in the market. We have a variety of sanitizers for clothesand hands. They are also known as hand rub or hand antiseptic. Basedon the use of the active ingredient, the hand sanitizer is classified intotwo parts alcohol-free and alcohol-based. Generally, alcohol-basedproducts contain 60 to 95% alcohol which is usually in the form of n-propanol, ethanol, and Isopropyl. In the workplace, the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers has been associated with reductions in illnessepisodes and sick days. Especially during times like these when we arecombatting the COVID-19 pandemic, frequent use of sanitizer isrecommended by the government itself.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

1. Cleanliness

This shouldn’t come as very remarkable amazement. One of the principal advantages of hand sanitizer is only that: It disinfects. These items were intended to eliminate germs, and they get the job done.

2. Transportability

You can never go on a journey where you need to wash your hands frequently because there is not always soap and water available. But for that hand sanitizer plays a good role, you can slip a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your, Purse, glove compartment, or even in your pocket. Hand sanitizer is an effective way to give your hands a “quick sanitizing” if you are out and about and have no access to handwashing facilities.

3. Great for Group gathering

In the classroom, At the office, or in any space with lots of foot traffic, germs can spread quickly there. And even if you’re not getting ready to eat or taking out the garbage, other people’s germs can affect you. That’s why having hand sanitizer available is very important for a group gathering.

4. Less Risk for Disease

Putting yourself at risk for other people’s germs during most flu seasons can be detrimental to your health. When you clean your hands for some time throughout the day, you can reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

5. Good for Family

Several studies have shown that families who use hand sanitizers reduce the risk of spreading respiratory and (gastrointestinal) stomach infections. I KNOW WE SAID TOP FIVE, BUT HERE IS ONE BONUS.

6. Softer-Feeling Hands

Medwin Pharmatech SanitlliumTM Hand Sanitizers have goodness of aloe vera and neem which leaves your hand with a soft and supple feeling. Compared to washing, using sanitizer can reduce dryness of skin and also reduce irritation when hands are not visibly soiled or dirty. STAY HOME, STAY PROTECTED

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