Hand Sanitizer or Soap

Hand Sanitizer or Soap

Hand Sanitizer or Soap

Hand Sanitizer or Soap Which one is Should you choose?

Mediwn Pharmatech is one of the leading companies in central India involved in manufacturing and supplying SanitilliumTM Hand sanitizers and other disinfection products. Will try to answer that.

First thing first our hands.

Our hands, up close, are definitely not smooth. With folds and rifts, peaks, and valleys, there are a lot of hiding spots for a virus to stick. And by any chance, if we touch our face then viruses can infect us. So it is very important for us to take care of ourselves from these viruses.

There are so many ways available to clean up our hands from being infected by viruses. However, there are two extraordinarily simple ways we can keep that from happening: hand sanitizer & soap + water.

What they need to do?

Soap and sanitizer need to get everywhere, including your palms, fingertips, the outsides of your hands, and between yourfingers, to protect you properly. And when it comes to a corona-virus outbreak, doctors recommend using Hand sanitizer and washing your hands with soap and water whenever possible.

So the question comes in our mind, which is better among Hand sanitizer vs Soap ?

Let’s understand it; Even though both approaches are similarly effective at killing the virus: Soap and water have majorly two benefits:

1. It washes away any dirt which could otherwise hide virus particles.

2.Secondly, it’s simply easier to fully cover your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

But when we talk about which approach is better of the two, most people think using Hand Sanitizer is easier and more effective. Also We need to look at something other than the obvious. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is proven that using a Hand Sanitizer or Hand Rub which is alcohol-based can help in taking out the bacteria and germs from our hands, there are some situations where soap and water are not available to wash our hands. In such a situation a Hand Rub would be our friend and may help us to clean our hands.

Frequent use

You can’t use soap 10 – 20 times a day as well, as it has tendency to dry the skin. But hand sanitizer can be mixed with moisturizing agents such as our SanitilliumTM Hand Sanitizer consist of Neem and Aloe Vera to minimize the dryness of hands and improves quality of skin.

Choosing right Soap and Sanitizer

Did you know all soap doesn’t kill bacteria and germs? Shocked?, don’t be. Soap’s Ph and whether they have any disinfectant in them in turns decide whether it’s a germ killer or not but all sanitizers definitely kill germs in less time and more effectively. So, when choosing soap chose the one that’s disinfect and not just increase beauty of your skin.

While choosing A reliable hand sanitizer, make sure that it would contain at least 60% of alcohol.

Ease of use

Hand sanitizers are more convenient to use on the go. If there is an absence of a sink, use the sanitizer as thoroughly as possible and rub your hands together until they’re dry. With Soap and water method you need find washroom or so every time you feel the need to sanitize your hands, good luck doing that when you are on a bus or inside your car or just want to siton your desk to work.

Super hassle free

Hand sanitizer has become a staple in pockets, purses even on key chains — and for good reason. When we are traveling anywhere as compared to soap, hand sanitizer can be easily portable and accessible and it can also increase the number of times we are able to disinfect our hands. This can help reduce the likelihood of transmitting viruses.


These are the reasons why hand sanitizers have risen in popularity in coivd-19 times even though they have been present from very long time in the market.

Soap and water method is really good if You have access to a sink or washroom & your sanitization frequency is low. Or you have to get rid of dirt and oil out of your hands. And for an easy and hassle free day where you can go about your day and can sanitize your hands on the move use hand sanitizer for sure.

Stay home stay safe.

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