COVID And Diwali – An odd Match

COVID And Diwali – An odd Match

COVID And Diwali – An odd Match

Medwin Pharmatech is the proud maker of Sanitillium Hand Sanitizer. Based upon and GMP standards. This is the first time we are standing amidst a once in a lifetime situation, i.e. Corona Diwali.

As tradition dictates all our festivals are based in social gathering and enjoying the time with our friends and families, which is counter-intuitive given the current scenario.

So what can you do to have a fun time while keeping a safe distance?
Well, the answer is quite simple; don’t forget what we learnt in the past seven months.


While we all will be meeting our near and dears we need to maintain our distance.  Use a good sanitizer regularly. But be cautious a WHO standard hand sanitizer will be at least 70% alcohol concentration, and it will get lit with slight contact with flame. Since it can easily catch fire, therefore, keep your sanitizer bottles at a safe spot. It’s a significant fire hazard and a big no-no. With a capital ‘N’.

For the same reason, don’t apply Hand Sanitizer immediately before lighting diyas, candles, lightening crackers or any such thing. Wait for atleast 15-20 seconds before such activity.

Carelessness is not an option.


It is essential to be responsible and take all the precautions. Corona Virus has made the use of Mask necessary. Hence, every time you go out to greet and meet, don’t forget to wear good Mask. Also, take your hand sanitizer with you.

If possible, try to stay inside. Doctors all over also agree that one should prefer staying indoors during Diwali. Although, there is no proven evidence that, whether Coronavirus sustains itself or spreads in the presence of smoke. However, passive smoking, smoke emitted from either cigarettes, vehicles and crackers, can cause problems to patients living with respiratory issues, elderly and children.

No Eating Outside:

While there is no evidence that Corona Visurs is transferred through cooked food, We recommend that people should avoid eating outside esp. on streets during this festive season. Not just because of the risk of Corona alone, but also because food from non-hygienic source can cause other stomach infections, which can affect your immunity and overall health. Again, nothing is better than a home-cooked, traditional meal at a festival, right?

Social Distancing:

Yes, we know Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. This season, try and adjust to the new normal and avoid meeting people physically. It is recommended that you celebrate Diwali this year staying indoors mostly. However, if you are meeting people, fold your hands in namaste or greet verbally or any other gesture but no physical contact, such as a handshake or a hug….. or even an elbow/fist bump.

So, by following these little helpful tips. You can keep yourself and others safe. We want nothing more than that. We wish you a thrilled Diwali and stay home, enjoy and most importantly stay safe.

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