Benefits of Wearing a Mask & Using Hand Sanitizer in Public Places

Benefits of Wearing a Mask & Using Hand Sanitizer in Public Places

Benefits of Wearing a Mask & Using Hand Sanitizer in Public Places


This COVID -19 era has raised an essential question in our mind. How is our hygiene moving ahead with times? Are we safe enough from dreadful viruses and more importantly are we prepared adequately to combat such viruses? How could we have controlled the spread of such viruses around the world? How much important role an average person plays in control and spread of such viruses? The questions are many, but the answers are few!


For now, all we can do is to educate ourselves with the best hygiene ways and include keeping a healthy and clean environment around us to maintain a safe atmosphere around our family and us. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment in public places should be our social responsibility. Thus we should take some preventive measures very seriously, especially wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer in public places.


As for sanitizing your hands Medwin Pharmatech’s  premium Sanitileum hand sanitizer can help you out. The hand sanitizers at public places can protect you from the instant risk of viruses etc., but it’s advised that you shouldn’t touch the bottle. The hand sanitizers are the waterless products and thus can be used easily in public places. They are always portable unlike soap and water and therefore can be utilized at public places, even if there’s no arrangement from the agencies side at public places. Do you think that food trucks and other street food vendors can have the place to keep soap and water for you to wash and sanitize your hands? The hand sanitizers are always welcome at most public places, either from your side or from their side. The hand sanitizers are the ideal for a group setting like the workplace, in the classroom, or any space like malls, buses etc.


Wearing mask & using hand sanitizer in public places can slow the spread of the virus and give us a healthy environment around us in the long run. The hand sanitizers, which gained special attention during the COVID-19 era, must be included forever in our daily life. The health hazards will always be here, either in COVID-19 or in any other new form. Just like we were unaware of the Corona virus, around 15 months back, who knows we are unknown to some other forms of viruses, which are knocking at our doors after a year, maybe in 2022 or any other year. All we can do is to stay safe and carry out our social responsibility of maintaining a hygienic environment around us, especially in public places.

Results of the study demonstrated that N95 masks reprocessed using ethylene oxide sterilization, as well as masks that are up to 11 years past expiration, maintain very high filtration efficiency under laboratory conditions.
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Masks can prove to be very helpful in maintaining good health. They can filter out viral particles from the air as we inhale. The high-grade protective masks like – N95 masks used by health care workers, can block up to 95% of microbial particles. The multi-layered cloth masks can offer protection against aerosolized droplets.


This is a  time when a person should consider opting for masks and hand sanitizers very seriously, even if COVID-19 era ends. Maintaining a hood habit is always right!

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