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Cleaners and Disinfectants

Medwin Pharmatech manufactures and supplies export quality disinfectant and cleaning products. We all want our home, hospital, school, office, and surroundings should be neat & clean. It should be free from all types of harmful disease-causing microorganisms, including germs, bacteria, and viruses. These different microbes play a vital role in spreading harmful diseases from one person to another. Therefore, it will not be utterly beneficial if you clean the surface but do not disinfect it.

So, to eradicate this obnoxious situation, there is a need for any chemical or antimicrobial agents to clean the surface and sterilize it. It should be easy to use and cost-effective that everyone can easily afford it. So, to overcome this scenario, cleaners and disinfectants come into the picture. Cleaning and disinfecting are the two different methods, and both should be applied to remove dirt & dust and kill the harmful microbes from the surfaces and objects.

What is Cleaning?

Cleaning is the process that refers to physically removing dirt, dust, germs, crumb, and other unwanted impurities from the surface. Keep in mind that cleaning will only release them or reduce the number of harmful microbes but will not kill them.

To clean the surface or object, you will likely use soap or detergent mixed with water to physically clean it. This process will make your surface clean and reduce the number of harmful germs but not completely kill them. So, the remaining fewer bacteria and viruses can spread infection and diseases to your family members.

What is Disinfecting?

Disinfecting makes use of chemical or antimicrobial agents basically to kill harmful microbes from the surface and objects. Unfortunately, the available disinfectants in the market mostly have bleach or alcohol solutions.

To disinfect the area, you need to leave behind the disinfectant on the surfaces and items for a specific time. This is because the antimicrobial agents present in the disinfectant do their job of killing harmful microorganisms. But pay attention to one thing: it is not essential that disinfecting remove the dirt and dust altogether from the surface.

Always clean before disinfecting

For making your surface 100 percent clean and germ-free, it is essential that you should do cleaning first, followed by disinfecting. First of all, clean the area by removing the visible dirt, dust, and other waste materials. Cleaning will eliminate dirt and soils, making the surface and object to be disinfected.

After cleaning the surface properly, follow the procedure of disinfecting. It will kill the harmful microbes from the surface, blocking them from multiply in numbers and spreading infections to people. If the required surface is not cleaned first, there is a chance that the harmful microorganism could hide under the soil and dirt particles. It will shrink the productivity of the disinfectant, and the surface will not be spotless and germ-free.

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How to clean & disinfect safely

  1. Before using, read the instructions and directions written on the label entirely.
  2. Don’t try to mix cleaner and disinfectant unless there is an instruction given in the label.
  3. Before using these products, wear hand gloves if instructed on the label of the disinfectant.
  4. Store these products out of the reach of the children.



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