Antiseptic Liquid Essential for Killing Germs
Antiseptic Liquid Essential for Killing Germs

As a manufacturer and supplier of premium antiseptic liquid, Medrub. We are well aware that numerous harmful microbes, including germs, bacteria, and viruses, act like super agents in spreading various diseases among the human and animal species. Therefore, we must protect ourselves and our family members from getting affected by these harmful germs.

These harmful microbes mainly spread when different people touch the germs-infected surfaces of additional items. So, it is indispensable that we maintain a proper hygiene level in our house and other places by keeping the area clean and disinfected. Whereas for killing the harmful germs from the wound surface, try to make use of good quality antiseptic liquid.

What is an antiseptic liquid?

An antiseptic liquid, just like Medrub is a chemical agent that generally stops or slows down the growth of harmful microbes. These antiseptic liquids are commonly used in hospitals and other medical clinics to decrease the risk of spreading infection and harmful microorganisms during surgery and other medical procedures.

What is the difference between a disinfectant and an antiseptic?

The excellent work of both chemical agents that is disinfectant and antiseptic, is to kill harmful microbes. Because of this similar action, most of the time, people use these two product terms interchangeably.

But there is a huge difference between the use of a disinfectant and an antiseptic. The disinfectant is applied to the surface of non-living things. In contrast, an antiseptic is applied to the living body of humans and animals to protect against infection caused by harmful microbes.

Just take the example of any surgical procedure; the doctor applies an antiseptic liquid to the wound or surgical region of the human’s body, whereas he will use a disinfectant to sterilize the medical instruments.

How are antiseptics liquid used?

At present, antiseptic is used at various times for in and out of medical procedures. An antiseptic liquid is used mainly to kill germs from the body’s infected skin or surgical region in both the medical process.

Following are the particular use of an antiseptic liquid: –

  1. Washing hands – medical staff and related services uses an antiseptic liquid to sterilize and keeping the hands germ-free.
  2. Sterilizing mucous membranes – an antiseptic is applied to cure the infection in the infected region.
  3. Sanitizing skin area before an operation – antiseptic liquid is utilized to the skin area before starting any surgery to disinfect the skin having harmful microbes over the skin.
  4. Curing skin infection – apply the antiseptic for disinfecting the skin surface near burns, minor cuts, and any wound area to kill or reduce the disease initiating harmful microorganisms.
  5. Curing mount & throat infection – in this situation, throat lozenges containing antiseptic liquid are used to treat sore throat.

What are the major types of antiseptics?

Well, all types of antiseptics are generally classified by the help of their chemical structure. The prime work of all the antiseptics is to sanitize skin, but some of them have extra uses.

  1. Chlorhexidine and other biguanides are mainly applied on open wounds, and other things are for bladder irrigation.
  2. Antibacterial dye – is used to cure minor wounds and burns.
  3. Peroxide and permanganate – these types of antiseptics are frequently used in treating open injuries and mouthwashes.
  4. Halogenated phenol derivative – this category of antiseptics is applied as cleaning solutions and in medical-grade soaps.




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